Re: snapscan and aic7xxx driver don't work together

From: Steffen Kluge (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 19:50:46 PDT

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    On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 11:53:46AM +1000, Ben Stanley wrote:
    > Unfortunately, the aic7xxx_old driver is no longer supported, so I hope the
    > aic7xxx driver is fixed soon. I'll email the author.

    I thought the author was Adaptec, sort of. Wasn't that the reason
    to phase out the old driver?
    > BTW, I presume your Prisa620ST is with the transparency adpater? How do you
    > find it? I was offered a transparency adapter for AU$25.

    It's not really an adapter, it's rather a lamp built into the
    cover, using its own power supply :( and connecting to the
    scanner through a short cable. There is also a set of
    masks/templates to put the slides in. I'm sure there is also
    additional firmware functionality involved, to control the lamp,
    move the scan head to a slit in the mask for colour calibration,
    etc. But maybe all Prisa scanners have that firmware, and some
    are just lacking the lamp.

    Anyway, it works well with sane. If your are offered a
    lamp-fitted cover for 25 bucks and your scanner has a socket to
    plug the cable in, then I'd say go for it.


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