Re: unknown type M or level @, using B3

From: Gerhard Schuck (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 19:51:02 PDT

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    On Thursday 14 June 2001 23:33, you wrote:
    > This looks like a problem with your SCSI system, the backend receives
    > invalid data. Did you change anything on your SCSI bus when you
    > updated from SuSE 7.0 to 7.1?

    Well, during installation I had some trouble with my video card (after
    inserting an ethernet card) because of irq conflicts and changed the order
    of the pci-cards. Finally I deselected usb support in my bios (which is no
    problem for me). But I'm not shure whether this is the cause of my problems
    with sane. The second scsi device, a cd-r writer, is working correctly. So
    SCSI seams to be o.k. Or is it possible, that only the scanner is affected
    while the cd-r writer works fine?

    One more change I forgot to mention: I am using win4lin, that means I have a
    patched kernel. But I tried also booting with the SuSE standard kernel
    (2.2.19 I think) an get the same results.
    > Is the /dev/sg0 device read and writable by normal users? Does
    > scanimage work as root?

    Yes, sg0 ist read and writable. (Also user is member of group "disk".) No, it
    doesn't work as root.

    Gerhard Schuck

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