Re: Work started on FB630U

From: Glenn Ramsey (
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 15:35:20 PDT

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    Hi Simon,
    Simon Heywood wrote:

    > Firstly, I've had a little difficulty with the SniffUSB utility. Since
    > there's no documentation, I'm purely guessing what to do. Sniff USB shows
    > two devices in its window - the root hub and my scanner - and I've
    > installed a sniffer on both (is that correct ?).

    I found that I only needed a sniffer on the scanner, not the hub.
    If you have the sniffer on both then you might be getting some
    stuff that you don't need.

    > Which direction is which in the SniffUSB logs? I'm assuming that "going
    > down" is PC to scanner and that "coming back" is scanner to PC, but I'm
    > sure there's scope for confusion with the USB architecture.

    I can only relate my experience with the Microtek ScanMaker 3600,
    and for that scanner the directions are as you have assumed.

    > I'm assuming that the actual data sent/received is the line of hex numbers
    > after "0000:" - is this all that gets sent?

    Yes, the buffer contents are listed after the 0000: lines. Not
    sure about bulk transfers but for control transfers the request,
    value, index and requesttype fields are likely to have some

    > I've tried reproducing these
    > codes by writing them to the scanner device and trying to read what gets
    > sent back, but I've never heard back from the scanner.

    Did you send the control transfers as well as the bulk transfers?
    You might have noticed that Snoopy sometimes loses URBs when it is
    heavily loaded, like when transferring scan data. Marian Eichholz
    has a hacked version of snoopy that doesn't try to log the data
    from bulk transfers, it just logs the size, and doesn't lose
    transfers (well, that we have noticed yet), you might find that
    useful. Get in touch if you want it.

    Also once we had figured out what data in the logs was relevant we
    wrote some scripts that extracted that data and presented it in a
    more readable way. The scripts are in the sm3600 project cvs on
    sourceforge. They are called and You
    might get some ideas from them.

    Good luck.


    Glenn Ramsey

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