HP Scanjet 2200C

From: Stefan Nilsen (stefan.nilsen@telia.com)
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 15:27:19 PDT

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    It looks lie this canner uses the National Semiconductor chip LM9832 which i
    a complete (almost) USB-scanner in a chip. The internals of the chip looks
    very much like the LM9830 which is also a scanner on a chip but uses EPP
    instead of USB. Some minor enhancements are also on the USB version. HP4200
    uses the LM9830, but in the source for that driver it mentions it is using a
    USB-EPP bridge, which makes that driver a little far fetched for me. Is there
    any other scanner that uses the LM9832 chip, or has anyone written any code
    for an LM9832 based device?

    I'm asking because the documentation from National does not describe all the
    details of the communication part, only what the internal registers in the
    scanner do, which is great, but unfortenatly not enough for me.


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