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From: Simon Heywood (
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 06:43:24 PDT

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    Now I've finished my final exams at the university of Warwick I can devote
    some time to this project. I hope you can help me get started - I've got
    about 16 weeks to do this before I start work full time.

    Firstly, I've had a little difficulty with the SniffUSB utility. Since
    there's no documentation, I'm purely guessing what to do. Sniff USB shows
    two devices in its window - the root hub and my scanner - and I've
    installed a sniffer on both (is that correct ?).

    I have produced a few logs with this setup, obtaining identical output for
    plugging in the scanner on a clean rebooted system, waiting a few seconds,
    then unplugging it again. This output can be found at:

    I also made a log by clicking the "replug" button whilst the scanner was
    selected in SniffUSB:

    Finally, I am using a test program (thoughtfully ripped from Vladimir's
    ct.c) to try to get some sense out of the scanner, with little success
    thus far:

    Now time for some questions!

    Which direction is which in the SniffUSB logs? I'm assuming that "going
    down" is PC to scanner and that "coming back" is scanner to PC, but I'm
    sure there's scope for confusion with the USB architecture.

    I'm assuming that the actual data sent/received is the line of hex numbers
    after "0000:" - is this all that gets sent? I've tried reproducing these
    codes by writing them to the scanner device and trying to read what gets
    sent back, but I've never heard back from the scanner.

    Of course, it doesn't help that the USB 1.1 docs are fairly inpenetrable
    to non-Intel people - I think we should send the Plain English Society
    posse round. ;-)


      Simon Heywood <>

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