Problems with XPA unit conneccted to HP scanjet 6300C, revisited

From: Janne Verhein Hansen & Mogens Bohl Pedersen (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 04:28:25 PDT

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    I still have a problem with the backlight XPA unit when scanning slides.
    The scanned image looks like a scrambled linedrawing in negative in 1
    bit mode,
    eventhough I have chosen XPA and 8 or 12 bit mode.
    I have tested several backends the last is the
    sane-backends-CVS-2001-05-30 backend together with xsane-0.77 on a IBM
    2178-860 860 MHz pentium III, with an AH2904 SCSI interface. It should
    be noted the system is a dual boot windows98/Linux SuSE 7.0 system.
    The scanner and the XPA unit work nicely in Windows98 and scans nicely
    in normal 8 or 12 bit mode in Linux SuSE 7.0. I suspect the problem is
    connected to the code in the backend since prevoius backends gives the
    same type of scambled images with backend alone.

    I would like to help out in finding the problem, any suggestions ?


    Mogens Bohl Pedersen

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