Fwd: Re: Hi -- USB UMAX Astra 2200 question

From: Derek Martin (ddm@pizzashack.org)
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 05:23:31 PDT

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    Ryan sent me this off-list, and I wanted to point out the resources
    that said that the 2200 might work with USB, in case someone knows
    what they are referring to...

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    > You'll have to use the scsi connector since USB and PARALLEL support does
    > not exist (yet) in the umax driver. You should be able to get a cable
    > from any computer store going from your host adapter (68-pin) to 25 pin.
    > Ryan

    Thanks... that's probably what I'll do, since it seems like it will be
    a lot easier. But, there are two references on the SANE homepage to
    the possibility of getting this working. One of them mentions another
    UMAX scanner that someone got working via USB:

        (see the bottom of the table where it mentions UMAX)

        (see question 6.9)

    These lead me to believe that someone, somewhere might know enough to
    get this working. I don't mind buying a cable, but if the USB
    interface can be made to work it's cheaper, less bulky, and I can use
    it with my laptop without buying a pcmcia scsi card.

    Thanks again.

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