Re: Problems with XPA unit conneccted to HP scanjet 6300C, revisited

Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 13:33:24 PDT

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    In a message dated 6/4/2001 3:16:23 PM EST, writes:

    > at least I can reproduce the problem that I cannot scan slides correctly
    > using the XPA on a HP ScanJet 6350C.
    > But currently I dont know why. Scanner instructions look ak.

    I've had exactly the same problem trying to get the XPA on the
    6350C working with VueScan.

    It appears that the root of the problem is that it's a 5 x 5 inch
    scan area instead of the whole flatbed. It isn't clear if the coordinates
    of the scan area are adjusted to be 5 x 5 inches or if the coordinates
    have to be offset to the calibration area and the 5x5 inch area.

    Unfortunately, I don't have one of these myself, but have only gotten
    log files from people who own them. It would be useful if someone
    could get a log of the USB commands that the HP software uses
    to talk to the transparency adapter. The tool that's been useful
    for me in the past is at:

    If someone wants to get scsi traces from this scanner, they can
    use my scsi tracing tool that intercepts and logs ASPI commands.
    It can be downloaded from:

    Ed Hamrick

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