xsane-0.68 and xsane-win32-0.68 available

From: Oliver Rauch (oliver.rauch@Wolfsburg.DE)
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 04:54:32 PST

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    xsane-0.68 sourcecode and win32 binary are available on:


    Now the win32 version does work:
     - as scan and save utility (pnm,png,ps,tiff,jpeg)
     - as copy utility (you need ghostscript-win32, tested with local printer)
     - as gimp-plugin


     - changed src/Makefile.in.WIN32 so that the installation directory can
       be selected by configure --prefix=... and the used paths are more
       common to the one on unix (/usr/local => c:\sane)

     - changed src/Makefile.in.WIN32 for gimp support (uncomment GIMP_LIBS)

     - WIN32+gimp-support: set_gimp_PLUG_IN_INFO_PTR(&PLUG_IN_INFO) is called

     - added extern GimpPlugIn PLUG_IN_INFO to xsane.h (needed in xsane.c for win32)

     - replaced free(xsane.tile) by g_free(xsane.tile)
       (the free(...) caused a crash on win32)

     - changed aclocal.m4: gimp test does work with gimp-1.0.x version again

     - renamed xsane.WIN32 and xsane.WIN32-compilation to xsane-WIN32.txt
       and xsane-WIN32-compilation.txt (it is easer to use on windows)

     - removed (#ifndef _WIN32) gtk_set_locale() from xsane.c for win32
       (when it was called gimp plugin created transparent images)


    Homepage:	http://www.wolfsburg.de/~rauch
    sane-umax:	http://www.wolfsburg.de/~rauch/sane/sane-umax.html
    xsane:		http://www.wolfsburg.de/~rauch/sane/sane-xsane.html
    E-Mail:		mailto:Oliver.Rauch@Wolfsburg.DE

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