Re: SANE and OS/2 [was Building frozen pre-1.0.4]

From: Massimiliano Origgi (
Date: Sun Dec 17 2000 - 04:58:13 PST

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    >the SANE sourcecode downloadable from is developed for
    >unix systems. Where it is possible without creating problems for the
    >unix code we try to include changes for OS/2 if we get to know them.
    >The main interest is and will be a code for unix.
    >The sane sourcecode never compiled on OS/2 without a lot of changes.
    >I hope we can keep the number of changes small and may be one
    >day we have ONE sourcecode that does compile on all systems.

    Isolating potentially system dependant code in separate sources shouldn't be
    a big work (even if it certainly requires some planning) and would make the
    source tree cleaner without tons of ifdefs here and there.


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