Re: xsane-0.65 configure script

From: Per Aalrust (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 13:15:10 PST

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    >> Hi Per,
    >> like printed in the output, gimp-config could not be found.
    >> Please find out where gimp-config is installed.
    >> If it is not in your path, call configure with
    >> option --with-gimp-prefix=PFX
    >> Please give me feedback if that is the problem.
    >> Bye
    >> Oliver

    Hi Oliver,

    I have tried the option --with-gimp-prefix=PFX but it does not
    work. The SuSE 6.3 GIMP rpm archive does not install a gimp-config
    file. Teh old version of the configure script worked fine out of the
    box. What did you change? Are you (the script) now looking for different
    files then befor?

    I have tried the xsane-0.67. The same problem! I can not compile xsane
    with the gimp plugin feature.

    Merry christmas to everybody out here!


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