TWAIN - SANE interface : announce

Arun Tanksali (arun@pixie.localdomain)
Mon, 4 Jan 1999 15:49:43 +0530 (IST)

A simple but functional interface (WinSANE) is available for download.
I have tested with a Mustek 1200 scanner. Tested with Win 95/98 PCs.
Seems to work OK. There are a few more things I would have liked to add,
but had to leave out(usual reasons - time etc.). A decent progress bar for
one would have made scanning more easier (right now, you have a dumb box
telling you that it will take some time to scan).
I would appreciate feedback from the many people who wanted to try it out.

Download site:

I would suggest the following steps:
Download the binary.
Make saned work and test it with scanimage using a network device
Once this works, add your Windows PC address to /etc/hosts and add
the Windows hostname to saned.conf.
The first time you use Acquire in a TWAIN compliant application,
fill up the name/IP address in the host field of the WinSANE interface and
click on Find Devices. Select one of the devices that may get listed and
Read the README file about a possible small change required to
"saned" on the host.
One of the good side-effects of the current inmplementation is
that "scanimage" is available on Windows. It gives you a command line
interface to the scanner - a luxury on Windows !

- Arun Tanksali

PS : Is it possible to provide a link from to this download ?

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