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Andre Couture (
Mon, 04 Jan 1999 13:00:14 -0500

Hi there,

I got it, but having problmes with the artec backend.

It seem that the BRIGHTNESS and some other options are not always supported
by some backends.
I think that, if the options are left to '0' you should not try to set them.
I've experimented with "bypassing" the BRIGHTNESS from the backend and works
But that sould be changed from the "frontend" which in this case is TWAIN.

I have similar problems with scanner.cgi script.


Arun Tanksali wrote:

> Hi,
> A simple but functional interface (WinSANE) is available for download.
> I have tested with a Mustek 1200 scanner. Tested with Win 95/98 PCs.
> Seems to work OK. There are a few more things I would have liked to add,
> but had to leave out(usual reasons - time etc.). A decent progress bar for
> one would have made scanning more easier (right now, you have a dumb box
> telling you that it will take some time to scan).
> I would appreciate feedback from the many people who wanted to try it out.
> Download site:
> I would suggest the following steps:
> Download the binary.
> Make saned work and test it with scanimage using a network device
> id.
> Once this works, add your Windows PC address to /etc/hosts and add
> the Windows hostname to saned.conf.
> The first time you use Acquire in a TWAIN compliant application,
> fill up the name/IP address in the host field of the WinSANE interface and
> click on Find Devices. Select one of the devices that may get listed and
> scan.
> Read the README file about a possible small change required to
> "saned" on the host.
> One of the good side-effects of the current inmplementation is
> that "scanimage" is available on Windows. It gives you a command line
> interface to the scanner - a luxury on Windows !
> - Arun Tanksali
> PS : Is it possible to provide a link from to this download ?
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