Microtek V300, anyone?

mike (v_due@mindspring.com)
Fri, 18 Sep 1998 00:52:45 -0400

Hello list!

I have the following, and I wonder if anyone has had success?

AMD K6/128mb
BusLogic BT-948
Microtek V300

Linux 2.0.35-2 (RH5.1)

The scanner is connected to the BusLogic, and terminated. I
also have the controller set to asynch, disconnect off. Unfortunately,
the only 'devices' recognized sane are the pnms. If I cat
I see the Mustek listed

I have not seen the V300 listed as a supported device, but what the
heck, it only cost me $29. Anyone have success with this scanner?
I have all of the non-Microtek backends commented out of dll.conf.



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