Re: Hardware details for FB630U

From: Jonathan Buzzard (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 07:47:51 PDT

  • Next message: Simon Schulz: "HP ScanJet 3300C" said:
    > Yeah. It's not _that_ difficult to dismantle, assuming it's built in a
    > similar way to all the recent CanoScan models, it just takes courage
    > to pull apart something you've just spent a over a hundred quid on.
    > I'm happy to provide instructions if anyone wants to do this - it
    > would be nice to see what the specs are for other similar scanners,
    > and it would be even nicer to turn the red Canon bit on Jonathan
    > Buzzard's USB page to green. :-)

    Actually it's just about to change to blue. The red/green was causing
    problems for those out there that are red/green colour blind. I probably
    should switch to some other scheme using letters or numbers as the
    colours really don't give enough range of the level of support for the


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