HP ScanJet 3300C

From: Simon Schulz (Simon.Schulz@pop.nrw-netz.de)
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 10:25:38 PDT

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    Hi All,

    Im new to the list and would like to know if someone already wrote a driver
    for th HP 3300C, or if someone is currently working on it.
    I'll support everyone who is working on a driver for the HP3300C
    whith logs (usb-sniffs or the windows drivers) in order to help.
    If someone could give me a short introduction to write a driver by my own
    (i am familiar with c++, and wrote already some
    PiC Microcontroller code and some 68HC11 code)
    but i have never tried to write a driver under Linux (or FreeBSD).

    Bye, Simon Schulz

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