Re: snapscan and aic7xxx driver don't work together

From: Timothy Reaves (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 05:51:30 PDT

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    Ben Stanley wrote:

    > Steffen Kluge wrote:
    >>On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 11:53:46AM +1000, Ben Stanley wrote:
    >>>Unfortunately, the aic7xxx_old driver is no longer supported, so I hope the
    >>>aic7xxx driver is fixed soon. I'll email the author.
    >>I thought the author was Adaptec, sort of. Wasn't that the reason
    >>to phase out the old driver?
    > In the course of trying to solve the problem, I did a bit of reading around...
    > this message was the one that gave me an idea on how to fix it.
    > The maintainer of the adaptec scsi driver is Justin Gibbs, who actually started
    > writing the drivers for BSD, then handed the project over to Doug Ledford.
    > Justin was recently employed by Adaptec to take the drivers back and re-write
    > them. So it seems that Adaptec wants to support these drivers.
    > I emailed Justin about the problems but so far I haven't heard back. I should
    > probably mail to the linux kernel mailing list.
    > Ben.

            I've been having great problems with the new aic drivers in the 2.4.x
    kernel and my scanner. This particular scanner is a Polariod SprintScan
    35+ which sane does not support. I use vuescan with it (and sane for my
    HP IIIc).

            In contacting the aic mailing list, they insist that the problems I have
    are related to my software. The author of the software took debugging
    logs of the old driver, and the new driver, and gave me a report of the
    differences. When I presented this to the aic mailing list, they didn't
    give it any attention.

            So my point is this: the old driver works (I can still boot 2.2.18 and
    use my scaner), but the new driver seems to have some real problems.

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