Re: snapscan and aic7xxx driver don't work together

From: Ben Stanley (
Date: Wed Jun 27 2001 - 00:49:49 PDT

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    DStevenson wrote:

    > Hi,
    > Being a newbie, how did you change the modules, I have a similar problem
    > using a HP5 on adaptec card. Do you have to recompile the kernel or what?
    > Sorry to be so basic, but I have been reading all the howto's but cannot find
    > the answer.
    > Dave.

    Get yourself the kernel source and then read linux/Documentation/modules.txt.
    That will give you a general idea.

    You also need to read the man pages for modules.conf and modprobe.

    I changed modules by changing the module name for scsi_hostadapter in my
    modules.conf file. No need to re-compile the kernel *if* you've already got the
    necessary driver compiled as a module.

    Then I checked what modules where already loaded using lsmod, did rmmod on my
    old scsi driver module (rmmod aic7xxx), and then did modprobe scsi_hostadapter
    which causes the aic7xxx_old module to be loaded (because there's an alias line
    in my modules.conf which performs the association and another line which sets
    the module options.)


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