Re: Hardware details for FB630U

From: G.LeeJ (
Date: Tue Jun 26 2001 - 01:46:50 PDT

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    Nathan Robertson wrote:

    > Probably not. The only way we know what's in the 630U is because Simon
    > Heywood took a screwdriver and knife to his, read the chipset numbers
    > and found the specs from those chipsets manufacturers.
    > We'd love to think the 620U will be similar, but until you do something
    > similar to your scanner (or test our driver once we have something worth
    > testing - not now) then "you'll never never know".
    > Badger Canon in Japan, that might yield something. Canon in Australia
    > and the UK weren't giving anything away.

    sounds good.......japan it is and I'd be happy to try driver when ready..


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