Re: Work started on FB630U

From: Simon Krix (
Date: Sat Jun 09 2001 - 09:44:29 PDT

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    Hello (again),

    > Now I've finished my final exams at the university of Warwick I can
    > devote
    > some time to this project. I hope you can help me get started - I've got
    > about 16 weeks to do this before I start work full time.

    Excellent to hear.


    I can't make much of anything out of that either, but when you get the
    actual data transfers pinpointed I can compare it against the 630P protocol
    if you like. Hopefully there will be some parallels (I'm sick of this pun

    Some things you could keep an eye out for that are part of the 630P
    protocol are:

    * Each command ends with an 8-bit checksum
    * Most packets coming back from the scanner end with an 8-bit checksum, too
    * The scanner is 5104 pixels wide (330P is 2552 pixels) and just about all
    the measurements
      are calculated according to that value
    * The scanner returns a 38 byte ID packet with a 30 byte ASCII string in it
    (easy to find)

    Hope you can make some good progress, support for USB scanners is far more
    important than clumsy old parallel ones these days. Good luck.


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