Re: Any Work is done for barcode scanners.

From: Jonathan Buzzard (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 00:52:40 PDT

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    > Is SANE is purely for image scanning and data retrieval for flat-bed
    > scanners and camera . Is any work done for reading barcodes. In other
    > words, i have a requirement for interfacing web browsers with the
    > barcode readers. ( Can a Web browser read directly from a barcode
    > scanner ?). Otherwise, the barcode reader software should extract the
    > data from the barcode reader( which is connected to a windows system
    > normally ) and route the data to a Linux Server. Is any universal
    > driver (which is capable for handling any barcode scanner) is
    > available.

    SANE is for scanning images. As barcode scanners return a stream of
    ASCII characters in general then it is fair to say that SANE does not
    provide any appropriate mechanisms for presenting this to applications.

    That is not to say that an interface such as SANE for interfacing barcode
    scanners is not needed, just SANE is not it.


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