Any Work is done for barcode scanners.

From: Guru Prasad (
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 22:24:14 PDT

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    Hi to Sane List,

    Is SANE is purely for image scanning and data retrieval for flat-bed
    scanners and camera . Is any work done for reading barcodes. In other
    words, i have a requirement for interfacing web browsers with the barcode
    readers. ( Can a Web browser read directly from a barcode scanner
    ?). Otherwise, the barcode reader software should extract the data from
    the barcode reader( which is connected to a windows system normally ) and route the data to
    a Linux Server. Is any universal driver (which is capable for handling any
    barcode scanner) is available.

    I Checked out 'UScan' @ sourceforge. But it is still under
    development. 'linbar' is not much useful since it can be connected to a
    console ttys only.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    thanx in advance.

    BTW: I heard about 'CueCat' readers. But i thing it is only for 'CueCat'
    scanners. Is that So ?

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