Re: xsane requests username and password after saned has exited

From: Oliver Rauch (
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 13:43:06 PDT

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    Nick Lamb wrote:

    > Without trying it my understanding is that on anything vaguely modern
    > (are people trying to use SANE from DOS? from Windows 3.1?) the TCP stack
    > is an OS component and will perform a full TCP shutdown on behalf of the
    > frontend. So this can ONLY happen when a user turns off their PC while
    > using the frontend -- little wonder that things break if you do that!

    Hi Nick,

    so you say that:
    - frontend/sane-net crash
    - system shutdown of frontend machine

    is handled by the tcp stack for unix, win32, os/2?

    Then I would suggest we set the time to e.g. 24 hours
    (this makes sure that saned does exit if an unexpected error occurs)
    and add a function in sane-net (may be supported by saned)
    that makes it possible to find out if saned has exit.
    Then we can add an error code SANE_STATUS_NETWORK_CONNECTION_LOST
    or something like that and the frontend will be able to inform
    the user about it.



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