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From: Jonathan Buzzard (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 08:50:41 PDT

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    > the source of these rumours is me. I do not know if this works. I see
    > a small chance and it would be interesting if someone would test it.

    I though I was the source of those rummors. At least the comments on my
    web page are just based on the observation that the scanner has both
    USB and SCSI interfaces.

    > The reason why I think it could work is the following: USB scanners do
    > not have a processor, the use a simple ASIC. Because of this they are
    > not able to use the SCSI protocol wich needs much more "intelligence"
    > than the ASIC has. The Astra 2200S has a processor and so it is
    > possible that the SCSI protocol also is used for the USB connection.

    Well my reasoning is that I would be stunned if Umax had done anything other
    than put a SCSI-to-USB converter chip on the scanner board. Anything else
    would be a really dumb thing to do in order to get a USB interface on a
    scanner with a SCSI interface.

    > As far as I know nobody every tried this or succeddes with it.
    > If you find out anything about that, let me/us know.

    Certainly nobody has ever reported any success or failure to this list or

    Getting back to the original post, they say that the scanner driver is
    recognising the scanner and returns a vendor:product id.

    I suspect there is a problem with device files and the umax.conf file.
    Check that /dev/usbscanner0 exists and if not create with

         mknod /dev/usbscanner0 c 180 48

    and then do

         ln -s /dev/usbscanner0 /dev/usbscanner

    make sure you have suitable permissions on /dev/usbscanner so do

         chmod 666 /dev/usbscanner0

    Next make sure that umax.conf points to the right device file. It should be
    /dev/usbscanner. Note that with my HP5200C you need to add the line

         option connect-device

    to the hp.conf file, I have no idea if this will be needed for a UMAX scanner.

    If this does not work, change the umax.conf to point to the device files
    in umax.conf point to the scanner device files in /dev/usb/

    I suspect this scanner will work with USB, just nobody has tried, and if
    they have got it working they have not said anything about it.


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