Re: Fwd: Re: Hi -- USB UMAX Astra 2200 question

From: Oliver Rauch (
Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 06:13:23 PDT

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    Derek Martin wrote:
    > Thanks... that's probably what I'll do, since it seems like it will be
    > a lot easier. But, there are two references on the SANE homepage to
    > the possibility of getting this working. One of them mentions another
    > UMAX scanner that someone got working via USB:
    > (see the bottom of the table where it mentions UMAX)
    > (see question 6.9)

    Hi Derek,

    the source of these rumours is me.
    I do not know if this works. I see a small chance and it would
    be interesting if someone would test it.

    The reason why I think it could work is the following:
    USB scanners do not have a processor, the use a simple ASIC.
    Because of this they are not able to use the SCSI protocol
    wich needs much more "intelligence" than the ASIC has.
    The Astra 2200S has a processor and so it is possible that
    the SCSI protocol also is used for the USB connection.

    As far as I know nobody every tried this or succeddes with it.

    If you find out anything about that, let me/us know.



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