Re: Patches for improved batch scanning in scanimage

Date: Sat Jun 02 2001 - 09:10:24 PDT

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    On Jun 2, Henning Meier-Geinitz quoth:

    > On Sat, Jun 02, 2001 at 05:42:58AM -0700, wrote:
    > > Attached are two patches for scanimage and its man page to add in a
    > > collection of useful command line parameters to ease scanning of documents
    > > on scanners with ADFs.
    > There is a command-line-frontend named "scanadf" that's especially for
    > ADF scanners. I don't remeber its feature but probably at least some
    > of your changes are already included. I think it's better to include
    > your changes (if necessary) to this frontend. However, I will put an
    > entry into our TODO list about your additions os maybe we include them
    > in sane-backends 1.0.6.

    As far as the features are concerned, it doesn't add anything that
    scanimage doesn't already do except for automatic script execution. It is
    needed for scanners that don't automatically invoke their document feeders
    when loaded, the HP 6xxx series is not like that.

    > There is a website for scanadf, but I can't get a connection currently:

    According to that page, scanadf suport for HP scanners requires that you
    patch the driver on the backend to use its mechanism of ADF support.
    Implicitly a much more active form of ADF support.

         When invoked without the --scan-from-adf option,
         the scanner will still feed paper in from the feeder, but
         the out-of-paper condition will never be detected and
         scanadf will run forever, repeatedly scanning the
         empty bed when there is no more paper.

    That is the exact problem that my patch addresses. Furthermore, the
    scanadf home page hasn't been updated since August of 1999.

    Please note that my patch doesn't add support for ADFs, it merely rounds
    out the rather lame batch support in scanimage(*) that is already present
    by allowing you to control the numbering of the filenames that come out.
    If you would rather I not place them in scanimage but in another tool
    please say so.

    In the meanwhile, those that wish to access my patches can retrieve them
    from my home page.


    (*) - The batch support in scanimage currently just loops until the status
          code changes.

         "Premature optimization is the root of all evil" -Donald Knuth
    Caskey <caskey*> /// TechnoCage Inc.
         Heuer's Law: Any feature is a bug unless it can be turned off.

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