Re: RPM packaging in progress

From: Eugene Kanter (
Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 16:33:19 PST

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    On Sat, 6 Jan 2001 wrote:

    > Some things could be improved.
    > 1. There is no need to change -O2 to -O with a perl script.
    > This could have been done with a shell script. But it's even better to set
    > the build parameters by setting $RPM_OPT_FLAGS properly.

    This is how Red Hat did it for 1.0.3. I had a lot of other thing to worry
    about first. Please do as you think is better. I still wonder why -O2 did
    not suit Red Hat team. Does compiler produce bad code with -O2?

    > 2. the backend sets something for xscanimage in %install.
    > Why does the backend bother with setting files for the frontend?

    Since I am not an active sane users I did not go into details. There could
    be that I left someting out when I was doing a split into backends and
    frontends package. Please feel free to correct.
    > 3. I found the find-scanner and xerox tools usefull in the past.
    > I'll do some testing and send you a diff for the SPEC file.

    Excellent! I'll wait for your test results. If you have time please look
    at xsane RPM in the same place. Apparently latest version does not need
    any patches in order to compile properly on RH 7.0


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