Re: RPM packaging in progress

Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 17:33:38 PST

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    On Sat, 6 Jan 2001, Eugene Kanter wrote:

    > On Sat, 6 Jan 2001 wrote:
    > > Some things could be improved.
    > >
    > > 1. There is no need to change -O2 to -O with a perl script.
    > > This could have been done with a shell script. But it's even better to set
    > > the build parameters by setting $RPM_OPT_FLAGS properly.
    > This is how Red Hat did it for 1.0.3. I had a lot of other thing to worry
    > about first. Please do as you think is better. I still wonder why -O2 did
    > not suit Red Hat team. Does compiler produce bad code with -O2?

    The mystery behind this decision does escape me. I ran 1.0.1 for a long
    time without having to change things like this. Does any of the coders
    have a clue why -O2 would be a problem?

    > > 2. the backend sets something for xscanimage in %install.
    > > Why does the backend bother with setting files for the frontend?
    > Since I am not an active sane users I did not go into details. There could
    > be that I left someting out when I was doing a split into backends and
    > frontends package. Please feel free to correct.

    It's more a case of something being defined where it does not make sense.

    > > 3. I found the find-scanner and xerox tools usefull in the past.
    > >
    > > I'll do some testing and send you a diff for the SPEC file.
    > >
    > Excellent! I'll wait for your test results. If you have time please look
    > at xsane RPM in the same place. Apparently latest version does not need
    > any patches in order to compile properly on RH 7.0

    Maybe later.


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