problems with network scanning

From: Damon McGraw (
Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 15:51:07 PST

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    I'm having trouble setting up SANE to work over my LAN. Actually the
    problem seems to be in the running of saned. I am unable to connect
    when saned is set to run from inetd, but when I run it by hand ("saned
    -d") I am able to connect and scan until the connection is terminated
    and saned exits.

    If I try running without the debug flag ("saned") I'm also unable to
    connect. I'm looking through the mailing list now, so I'm sorry if
    this is a common question/problem.

    I am running on debian potato with the sane packages provided by that
    distribution (I believe it is version 1.0.1).

    Thanks in advance,

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