Re: What is interfering during xscanimage/xsane?

From: Klaus-Peter Schrage (
Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 09:08:47 PST

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    On Wed Jan 03 2001, John Coppens wrote:
    > After quite a few helpfull suggestions and a session with Lawrence
    > (thanks!) I have the 1212U_2 working. First I thought there was somewhere a
    > problem in the programs (in a way there still is...).
    > The symptoms: works under xscanimage/xsane, in grayscale and line art but
    >_NOT_ in color. In color mode, color 'banding' appears horizontally,
    > evidently caused by something else... Why? Because scanimage (without the
    > X), does work correctly, even in an Xterm.
    > So, the problem seems to be in the GUI part of both xsane and xscanimage.

    I'm trying out scanning under Linux for only a week or so, after I had
    installed the new kernel 2.2.18 (with usb support implemented,
    no backport needed).
    With much help that I got by browsing this list I ended up in a state
    quite similar to John's:

    - scanimage works fine with my Agfa SnapScan 1212
    - xscanimage/xsane give a preview looking somewhat shred when in color mode
    - the scanning process (color) with xscanimage does't even finish, the
    "progress indicator" seems to be frozen
    - xsane does something like scanning with bad results similar to the preview
    - xscanimage/xsane work fine in greyscale.

    It may be interesting that the scanning module of STAROFFICE 5.2 recognizes
    /dev/usbscanner and yields good scans in color.

    My system setup:
    - Caldera eDesktop 2.4 with Kernel 2.2.18 recompiled
    - KDE 2.0.1
    - Agfa Snapscan 1212U-2 with firmware of Jul 12 1999 uploaded by agfafirm
    - sane 1.0.4
    - latest snapscan backend from the site (with
    snapscan.h slightly changed in line 104 to make the device string
    "AGFA SNAPSCAN 1212U_2" recognized).
    Any help would be appreciated
    Klaus-Peter Schrage

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