What is interfering during xscanimage/xsane?

From: John Coppens (jcoppens@linux2.uccor.edu.ar)
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 16:35:29 PST

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    After quite a few helpfull suggestions and a session with Lawrence (thanks!)
    I have the 1212U_2 working. First I thought there was somewhere a problem
    in the programs (in a way there still is...).

    The symptoms: works under xscanimage/xsane, in grayscale and line art but
    _NOT_ in color. In color mode, color 'banding' appears horizontally, evidently
    caused by something else... Why? Because scanimage (without the X), does
    work correctly, even in an Xterm.

    So, the problem seems to be in the GUI part of both xsane and xscanimage.

    Any suggestions?


    BTW, I'm running a 300MHz K6/2, 64 M of RAM and a 10G disk. Linux 2.2.16
    with the backport USB patch.


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