Re: What is interfering during xscanimage/xsane?

From: Christian Nassau (
Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 02:28:18 PST

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    > - scanimage works fine with my Agfa SnapScan 1212
    > - xscanimage/xsane give a preview looking somewhat shred when in color mode
    > - the scanning process (color) with xscanimage does't even finish, the
    > "progress indicator" seems to be frozen

    This is just a guess: one difference between scanimage and
    xscanimage is that xscanimage uses the backend's get_select_fd()
    function. You could try to force snapscan's get_select_fd() to
    always return SANE_STATUS_UNSUPPORTED, and see if it works then.

    (snapscan's get_select_fd returns the file descriptor fd of a pipe
    which is also used to transfer the image data. If a frontend
    tried to test readability using something like

      try to get character from fd, the put it back

    data would be lost, the image presumably sheared.)

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