Re: SANE backend for Mustek 1200UB released by Mustek

From: Henning Meier-Geinitz (
Date: Wed Jan 03 2001 - 10:47:05 PST

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    On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 05:49:30PM +0000, Aristo wrote:
    > for my 1200 Cu Plus ( vendor 0x55f, product 0x8, the driver works good.

    Fine. Can you add an entry at the Linux USB working devices list: I have added entries for my scanners
    so it will be easier to check out the level of support.

    > I've tested the driver a view times, an could'nt see somthing wrong.

    Maybe there is a problem with my scanner or the USB kernel. I will do
    more tests.


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