Re: Needing help to use Sane over Network Client

From: Marek Walther (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 13:58:20 PST

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    Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:

    > First try to look only at the server: add localhost to saned.conf and
    > net.conf. Try scanimage -L. You should get something like:
    > device mustek:/dev/scanner' is a Mustek ScanExpress 12000SP Plus flatbed scanner
    > device net:localhost:mustek:/dev/scanner' is a Mustek ScanExpress 12000SP Plus flatbed scanner

    The problem is the network connect with the net backend, an the
    serverkonsole work scanimage -L

     device `epson:/dev/usbscanner` is a Epson Perfecton1200 flatbed scanner

    Im missing the net:localhost:epson:/dev/scanner

    > (The net: is important is the important part).

    > > ec 31 17:12:51 chaosland saned[18820]: access by root@(null) rejected
    > ^^^^^^^^^^^
    > Your client wasn't allowed to use saned. Maybe there are also problems
    > with anme-resolution (the "(null)" looks suspicous).

    this is my Problem

    > > Configuration Sane on host(Server) /usr/local/sane.d/saned.conf
    > > --> start
    > > alias netepson net:localhost:epson:/dev/usbscanner
    > > alias epson2 epson:/dev/usbscanner
    > > alias zweiter epson:/dev/usbscanner
    > > --> stop
    > Add the name or IP address of your client here (just the name, no alias).

    Sorry, this is a copy/paste error, in the saned.conf is writen :

    ---> start
    ---> stop

    ---> start
    ---> stop

    Marek Walther

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