RE: IOCTL codes for parallel port

From: Adrian Perez Jorge (
Date: Sun Dec 31 2000 - 09:45:41 PST

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    ('binary' encoding is not supported, stored as-is) >I've disassembled HP's driver for ScanJet 5s and convert most
    >branches (according to TWAIN driver description) to C-code. But there
    >is a problem: driver deals with LPT port via DeviceIoControl function
    >with some IOCTL codes. All I have is numeric constants, but I need
    >description of these command codes and (more important) buffer
    >structures for them. Those codes are not described in MSDN. Perhaps,
    >they should be in DDK of Windows NT. Can somebody help me to find
    >Thanks in advance.

    I have no experience in parallel port rev-eng... but have you used
    this pport sniffer?

    If this doesn't work, maybe there is a ``kernel-level driver'' wich is
    the piece of software which is really talking to the scanner, and
    maybe those are cumstom IOCTL's. So look at
    windoze/system32/drivers or windoze/system for any .vxd that were
    shipped in the scanner drivers.


    Adrian Perez Jorge

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