Re: Building frozen pre-1.0.4

From: Kazuya Fukuda (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 21:05:02 PST

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    > > > However, nec.c contains the string "JX" 17 times, mostly in comments,
    > > > but otherwise:
    > >
    > > Ok. But this doesn't seem to harm compilation, because every reference
    > > to "JX" is in some sort of #ifdef (or am I wrong?). At least here on
    > > Unix. That's a job for the Nec maintainer, Fukuda Kazuya. I added a
    > > point on the TODO list.
    > As I said, they are #ifdefed out by default (though unfortunately, one
    > of the #ifdefs that controls the #define of USE_FORK and hence #include
    > <shm.h> also conditionally compiles a section of code with some of the
    > enum values from sharp.h).
    > [snip]
    I know nec.c have "JX"(and "JX" is not use by default.). I leave "JX"
    beacause I think that it is easy to add new NEC scanner. But #define of
    USE_FORK(in #ifndef NOTUSE_PCIN500) is my mistake, sorry.


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