Re: Building frozen pre-1.0.4

From: Paul Floyd (
Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 12:03:42 PST

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    Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:


    > > I'm using autoconf and then running configure (though I edit it to
    > > compile with debug info).
    > Maybe I didn't understand this but can't you use something like
    > CFLAGS="-whatever -debugflag -necessary" ./configure"?

    I could, but it'd be nice (one day) to be able to do

    autoconf; configure; make; frontend/scanimage > test.pnm

    > > However, nec.c contains the string "JX" 17 times, mostly in comments,
    > > but otherwise:
    > Ok. But this doesn't seem to harm compilation, because every reference
    > to "JX" is in some sort of #ifdef (or am I wrong?). At least here on
    > Unix. That's a job for the Nec maintainer, Fukuda Kazuya. I added a
    > point on the TODO list.

    As I said, they are #ifdefed out by default (though unfortunately, one
    of the #ifdefs that controls the #define of USE_FORK and hence #include
    <shm.h> also conditionally compiles a section of code with some of the
    enum values from sharp.h).


    > > param is the name of the structure.
    > I see. What's the source of the problem? The initialisation or the
    > missing name?

    The error is:

    sanei_scsi.c:2942: initializer element is not computable at load time
    sanei_scsi.c:2942: (near initialization for `param[0].u')

    Perhaps this is a problem with the version of GCC I'm using.

    In backend, the build only gets as far as agfafocus.c before falling
    over due to a variable that's used and is not ansi.
    > > Things seem to be going better than I feared. I managed to run a scan
    > > (full colour) with the exe that I compiled.
    > Maybe you can put a patch or a description what you did on a web page?

    I've already done quite a lot of that, and there's been (relatively)
    lively discussion on the sane-os2 discussion list: and /software.html for links to
    several binaries that I've compiled (in a rather amateurish way).

    The feedback I've had from people with scanners different from mine has
    been generally poor, only about 1/5 give any feedback, and probably 1/2
    or more of those that do reply report core dumps or system traps.

    A bientot

    Paul Floyd
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