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From: Sergio (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 08:05:38 PST

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    Really thanks for the answer... so I can hope...!!
    I'm waiting for the final release of the 2.4 kernel, I think to be not able to
    work with developer code, even if this is almost good.
    Maybe, now that I know how to use the scanner, I would try to upgrade to the
    2.4. I'll tell you if I'll be able to do it. But please give me sometime!!

    bye and thanks

    Il ven, 15 dic 2000, hai scritto:
    > I also have an HP3300C which I have been trying to get working with SANE.
    > So far I have determined that (similar to the HP5300) the 3300 is a
    > rebranded Avision scanner, the engine of which is supported by the SANE
    > Avision driver (haven't been able to verify this). In order to make the
    > 3300 work with SANE, you have to go through the same process as for the
    > 5300; upgrade to the 2.4 kernel which is patched with the new USB scanner
    > driver mentioned in the 5300 mini-howto, and patch the Avision backend to
    > recognise the vendor string output by the 3300.
    > I have been unable to attempt this process yet, as I can not upgrade to
    > the 2.4 kernel. I am running my system on a Tekram 395U SCSI controller,
    > the driver for which I had to patch into the 2.2 kernel. This driver (for
    > the Tekram card) does not support the 2.4 kernel. So, I am unable to move
    > to 2.4 until someone (possibly me) spends the time to port the driver to
    > 2.4. If you succeed in getting your 3300 working with SANE I would
    > greatly like to hear about it. Good luck.
    > -Jay Higley


    Sergio Maldotti Italy

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