Re: seg-faults for network access

From: Daniel Kerry Hiltgen (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 22:39:02 PST

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    > > Is it working with the Mustek backend without problems?
    > Not sure. Preview mode seems to work on the local system, but when I

    When I get it running (in debugging mode) everything seems to be OK except
    that I get a notice of IO error at the end of each scan. According to
    the debugging output:

    [net] read: next record length=3032 bytes
    [net] read: next record length=-1 bytes

    It appears to be doing this just before the end of the scan area... but
    I can't tell for sure. It's so close that it doesn't really present
    a problem, just more of an annoyance having to click OK in the warning
    dialog in the scanning gui.

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