Re: seg-faults for network access

From: Daniel Kerry Hiltgen (
Date: Sun Dec 10 2000 - 22:11:38 PST

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    > In your case, I think, saned isn't even accessed by the net backend...
    > maybe your client has no access rights on the saned port on your sparc?

    It does appear to be some sort of connection problem. I applied the
    patch and ran everything with debugging and it worked great. I managed
    to do a 300DPI color scan across the network. When I tried to put it
    back in inetd without debugging it breaks again.

    It turns out if I run saned from the prompt without debugging it doesn't
    work, but if I say -d it does. I can't seem to get it working from
    inetd period.

    > Could you please try this patch? and if it works (e.g. doesn't segfault
    > anymore), please send the output from saned & scanimage... thanks

    I've attached them:

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