seg-faults for network access

From: Daniel Kerry Hiltgen (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 21:36:18 PST

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    Does anyone know if saned and the network protocol is byte order clean,
    independent of the underlying architecture? (just a hunch...)

    I've got my scanner hooked up to a Sun Sparc (running linux), and I'm
    trying to access it from an x86 box. Local scans on the sparc seem to
    work, but it's headless/no X so I really want to use my desktop machine
    to do real scans.

    Here's one stack trace of the seg-fault. (I get roughly the same stack
    in scanimage -L, xsane, and xscanimage)

    (This is sane 1.0.3 on both sides)
    #0 0x400d18a7 in memcpy (dstpp=0x805a890, srcpp=0x805a894, len=4294967292)
        at ../sysdeps/generic/memcpy.c:55
    #1 0x402ca03e in sanei_w_space (w=0x805a83c, howmuch=4) at sanei_wire.c:84
    #2 0x402c9b78 in bin_w_word (w=0x805a83c, v=0xbffff780)
        at sanei_codec_bin.c:94
    #3 0x402ca248 in sanei_w_word (w=0x805a83c, v=0xbffff780) at sanei_wire.c:207
    #4 0x402c9c7d in sanei_w_init_reply (w=0x805a83c, reply=0xbffff77c)
        at sanei_net.c:60
    #5 0x402ca736 in sanei_w_call (w=0x805a83c, procnum=0,
        w_arg=0x402c9c20 <sanei_w_init_req>, arg=0xbffff784,
        w_reply=0x402c9c54 <sanei_w_init_reply>, reply=0xbffff77c)
        at sanei_wire.c:402
    #6 0x402c8142 in connect_dev (dev=0x805a820) at net.c:198
    #7 0x402c8696 in sane_net_get_devices (device_list=0xbffff824, local_only=0)
        at net.c:438
    #8 0x40015eac in sane_dll_get_devices (device_list=0xbffff894, local_only=0)
        at dll.c:624
    #9 0x400165bf in sane_get_devices (dl=0xbffff894, local=0) at dll-s.c:15
    #10 0x804ade3 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffffce4) at scanimage.c:1174
    #11 0x4008acb3 in __libc_start_main (main=0x804ac40 <main>, argc=2,
        argv=0xbffffce4, init=0x8048d00 <_init>, fini=0x804c0fc <_fini>,
        rtld_fini=0x4000a350 <_dl_fini>, stack_end=0xbffffcdc)
        at ../sysdeps/generic/libc-start.c:78

    I looked at the code briefly and it looks like sanei_wire is using data
    from the stream to do allocation/copying so that's what makes me think
    this might be a byte order glitch...

    Any thoughts? Can I provide more information that might be helpful in
    diagnosing the problem? (FWIW: Mustek 1200 LS)


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