Prisa 320U and Sane Solved

From: Ian Cartwright (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 20:23:15 PST

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    Hello All,

    First, if everyone is recieveing two copies of a message I sent earlier about
    some snapscan debugging code, I aplogize. There are some strange things afoot
    at the Circle K (KMail that is)...

    Anyway, what I meant to say was:


    I have Sane working perfectly with my Prisa 320U and Sane-1.0.3 with the
    11282000 snapshot of the snapscan code. What I did was to change line 100 of
    snapscan.h from:

    {"FlatbedScanner13", PRISA620S},


    {"FlatbedScanner13", SNAPSCAN310},

    I'm not sure why FlatbedScanner13 is designated as a Prisa 620 in the code
    unless Acer uses that model name for a bunch of their scanners (which would
    defenitely be a bummer for the coders of this driver). I'm also not sure why
    the 620 code wouldn't work with a 320 code at lower resolutions unless there
    are bigger differences between the scanners than just the optical

    Thanks to all the people that have been helping me out with this over the
    past few weeks! If there's any further testing to be done, I will be glad to



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