Re: xsane-0.65 released

From: Dave Hill (
Date: Sat Dec 09 2000 - 06:29:32 PST

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    Oliver Rauch wrote:
    > Hi,
    > xsane-0.65 is released:
    > NEWS:
    > - src/ added usage of SANE_CFLAGS and GTK_CFLAGS
    > - added secure password transmission for authorisation (md5digest)
    > - ~/.sane/pass is used for reading user:password:resource from file before asking the user
    > - configure: removed test for X (AC_PATH_X), this is done in GTK (gtk-config)
    > gtk includes and libs are used for png test (because png often is in X directories)
    > - changed xsane_*_with_pixmap:
    > old status: routines used xsane.histogram_dialog->window as window for gdk_pixmap_create_from_xpm_d()
    > this made problems with preview window if X default color depth differd from X color depth
    > new status: routines are called with parameter GdkWindow *window now.

    Hi Oliver,

    unfortunately, xsane 0.65 will not build with gimp, because the check
    for gimp.h fails. This is because some lines in the configure script
    have gone missing. Inserting them from the 0.64 version fixes this.

    Patch to attached.

    Dave Hill

    Dave Hill, Kempston, Bedford UK
    				davehill at
    Sicth munce ago, I cutn't evun spel enjuneer, and now I are one!

    --- Sun Nov 26 01:39:15 2000 +++ Sat Dec 9 14:19:32 2000 @@ -128,10 +128,22 @@ # fi #fi +# Change CFLAGS temporarily so that C_SWITCH_X_SITE gets used +# for the tests that follow. We set it back to REAL_CFLAGS later on. + +# According to Owen Taylor, GTK_CFLAGS is _guaranteed_ to contain +# -D and -I flags only, i.e., it really is GTK_CPPFLAGS... +saved_CPPFLAGS="${CPPFLAGS}" +saved_LIBS="${LIBS}" +CPPFLAGS="${CPPFLAGS} ${GTK_CFLAGS}" +LIBS="${LIBS} ${GTK_LIBS}" + if test "${USE_GIMP}" = "yes"; then AC_CHECK_HEADERS(libgimp/gimp.h, GIMP_LIBS="-lgimp") AC_CHECK_HEADERS(libgimp/gimpfeatures.h) fi +LIBS="${saved_LIBS}" +CPPFLAGS="${saved_CPPFLAGS}" # png test must stand after test for zlib # png test must stand behind GTK-check (X-Window-check)

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