Re: Prisa 320U and Sane Solved

From: Chris Bagwell (
Date: Sat Dec 23 2000 - 08:35:12 PST

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    Are there any other users out there that have a snapscan-type scanner
    that reports FlatbedScanner13?

    If only Prisa 320U users are reporting it then perhaps we should change
    CVS to reflect the change below.


    Ian Cartwright wrote:
    > Hello All,

    > I have Sane working perfectly with my Prisa 320U and Sane-1.0.3 with the
    > 11282000 snapshot of the snapscan code. What I did was to change line 100 of
    > snapscan.h from:
    > {"FlatbedScanner13", PRISA620S},
    > to:
    > {"FlatbedScanner13", SNAPSCAN310},

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