Mustek 600 II EP support ?

From: Dave Creelman (
Date: Fri Dec 08 2000 - 17:18:35 PST

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    I've looked through the documentation for sane-mustek_pp and it looks
    like there is no support for a mustek 600 II EP scanner. Quoting from
    the document, it seems that

    " The scanner Paragon 600 II ED won't be supported by mustek_pp. Maybe
    it is possible to support it by the Mustek (SCSI) backend because it
    seems to be a SCSI over parallel port scanner. This can take some time."

    Is this the same scanner as the Mustek 600 II EP ?

    I took the back off the scanner and read off the following from the chip


    The 1503A is the only clue that it is similar to some of the other
    supported Mustek chips like the 1503/1015/etc.

    If this is a SCSI over parallel, what is involved in getting it to work

    David Creelman

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