Re: Umax 2200 Scsi - PIII 800 Mhz

From: abel deuring (
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 04:14:10 PST

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    Stephen Carr wrote:
    > Dear All
    > I have been trying to get a Umax 2200 scanner to run under Linux
    > 2.4.0-test10 with XFree-4.0.1 and the latest back and front ends.
    > The system is 256 Mb ram 800 Mhz PIII, acard 6712 SCSI card
    > and an Aopen 34X Pro mother board with the Via 686a chipset.

    Do you use the atp870u driver for the Acard adapter?

    This driver has a few lines which look very suspicious to me:

            memcpy(&ata_cdbu[h][0], &workrequ->cmnd[0], workrequ->cmd_len);
            if (ata_cdbu[h][0] == 0x25) {
                    if (workrequ->request_bufflen > 8) {
                            workrequ->request_bufflen = 0x08;
            if (ata_cdbu[h][0] == 0x12) {
                    if (workrequ->request_bufflen > 0x24) {
                            workrequ->request_bufflen = 0x24;
                            ata_cdbu[h][4] = 0x24;

    (copied from atp870u.c, line507ff, lk 2.2.13)

    I am far away from understanding the driver, but I suspect that the "if
    (ata_cdbu[h][0] == 0x12)" clips the data size for the INQUIRY command to
    0x24 bytes. A number of scanners, including Umax, return more data for
    this command. And the data clipped off by the atp870u driver might be
    essential for the Umax backend. (Oliver, correct me, if I'm wrong)


    > .
    > The scanner works fine under Windoze 95.
    > In Linux scanimage -L detects the scanner and I can get an image
    > sometimes but if I use xscanimage or xsane-0.64 I get
    > segmentation faults nearly all the time with a flash of a dialog box
    > with a message of the type "searching for scanners". This is as the
    > program tries to load - I have not compiled the code with debugging
    > enabled or run it yet with any debug status - I await your advice.
    > In one instance xsane loaded and I could use it but could not
    > change resolutions etc but I could switch the lamp on or off. I then
    > thought is it load dependent ? So I ran a compute intensive job and
    > while the job was running xsane loaded immediately and I could
    > also change selections eg resolution where as before I could not
    > change them.
    > This was done late at night 1 am - I am going to knock the speed
    > down to 500 say and see if it works.
    > Also the system will lock up hard requiring the reset switch to be
    > pressed and I thought it was the scsi bus but I have checked that
    > the scanner is actively terminated - there was no mention in the
    > supplied documentation regarding termination but I saw a technote
    > on the Umax site - dismantled the scanner and checked the
    > jumper since it did not come with a terminator - a CD writer is on
    > the scsi bus and works fine using gcombust.
    > I am willing to help test/check any new releases or patches.
    > The scanner has a usb port - it does not work even though it is
    > listed in scanner.h in the kernel source.
    > Thanks to all
    > Stephen Carr
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