Re: Acer620UT

From: Paul Nixon (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 15:40:51 PDT

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    I downloaded Sane-1.0.2. Can someone tell me if there is a required patch
    for this? The patch I have is for 1.0.1 and it seems to add snapscan-usb to
    the backend directory (I assume this since my new 1.0.2 install has no
    snapscan-usb file).

    Or should I just download the snapscan-20000514.tar.gz file? I'll probably
    do that anyway to try it out.

    I've had at least one solid report that this particular scanner works in
    Linux so I am very encouraged and figure it's a matter of time before I get
    mine going as well. Many thanks to those who've responded thus far.

    Paul Nixon

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