Re: TODO for 1.0.3

From: Chris Pinkham (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 15:21:44 PDT

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    > Chris Pinkham wrote:
    > > /home/cpinkham/src/sane/sane-1.0.3> scanimage -d pnm:0 --filename=mars.pnm -T
    > Hi Chris,
    > mars.pnm must be an existing file in the current directory.

    I know that, I even tried using a full path and "./mars.pnm" but still the
    same problem. The mars.pnm file was in the sane-1.0.3 directory. I also
    tried using xscanimage but got a similar error about "unable

    I figured the problem out a while ago anyway, it was the fact that the pnm
    I was trying to test with is ascii and the driver needs a binary one.

    I have compiled and tested a shared version using the pnm backend (no
    scanner at work to test with), and am in the process of building a static
    version and will test it after it gets compiled. I'll post a message
    later tonight indicating the status.


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