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From: Henning Meier-Geinitz (
Date: Fri Jul 28 2000 - 09:10:32 PDT

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    Hello developers,

    this is an update of the todo list. If you find errors or have additions
    please email me.

    The plan is to declare code freeze on 2000-08-02 (wednesday). This means,
    only code that fixes severe bugs should be included into CVS after this
    date. Please try especially to not break compiling on non-Linux platforms
    because I am not sure if I have the time to re-check all platforms before
    release. If you are in doubt about your check-in, please ask me or another
    maintainer to double-check before including in CVS.

    TODO for 1.0.3 (as of 2000-07-28)
      * Bug in sane_control_option()
        There was a possible segfault in this function. The pointer "info" was
        not checked for NULL in all cases. This was found in the mustek, v4l and
        canon backends and is now fixed. Please check your backends for this

      * Fix sane_close bug
         - artec (maintainer is in the process of fixing this)

      * use DBG(...) instead of fprintf(stderr, ...)
         - avision
         - coolscan
         - dc25
         - hp
         - microtek
         - microtek2

      * Test SANE on different os/platforms, fix possible compilation problems
        Test methods: scanimage -d pnm:0 --filename=file.pnm -T
                      scanimage -d net:localhost:pnm:0 --filename=file.pnm -T
                      (not possible if I'm not root on the system)
                      xscanimage / gimp with xscanimage plugin (where available)
        All the above with shared and static libraries.
        OK: compiling, installing and testing worked
        NO: one (or more) of these steps didn't work
         ?: can't test (e.g. no scanner at this machine or no root access)

        Platform static shared SCSI Net X gimp
        Linux/x86 OK OK OK OK OK OK
        Solaris/Sparc OK OK ? ? ? ?
        AIX/RS6000 OK NO(1) ? ? ? ?
        Irix (2) OK OK ? OK OK OK
        Digital Unix

         (1) I can't get to work the compilation of AIX shared libraries. The
             first problem is that the filename of every library is
    not e.g. so the
             libraries overwrite each other. By temporarily removing Olivers
             soname addition to the right libraries are compiled
             and installed. Buuut starting scanimage -L results in a segmentation
             fault. SOmeone with more experience in this field?

         (2) I had to disable dc210 for Irix because the jpeg libraries on the
             two Irix systems I tested produced all kinds of problems
             (compilation and linking).

      * check consistency in *.desc (e.g.: interface "Parport" not "Parallel")
        look at the file "template.desc." for examples.
         - artec (see above)
         - hp (maintainer was contacted)
         - umax (maintainer was contacted)

      * ":interface" missing in .desc
         - coolscan
         - microtek
         - microtek2 (interface entry for only one scanner?)
         - st400 (interface entry for only one scanner?)

      * Missing manpage entry in .desc
         - coolscan

      * other manpage related
         - coolscan: man page is not installed, README not updated

    I will try to fix everything I can by monday if the maintainers won't
    have done this until the weekend.

    I consider the following points as not release-critical, but they
    should be done nevertheless:

      * use sanei_config_read() instead of fgets()
         - artec
         - avision
         - canon
         - coolscan
         - dc25
         - m3096g
         - microtek
         - sp15c
         - st400
         - umax

      * Documentation for sanei API
        - any ideas for this?

    To change before release:
      * Change default to --disable-warnings
      * increase version number
      * remove freeze markers


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