Re: Nikon Coolscan / LS2000?

Date: Fri Jul 07 2000 - 18:55:52 PDT

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    I'm having the exact same problems with an LS30. I sent an email out to, but go no response. I figure he's probably out on
    vacation and enjoying himself.

    Anyway, I've tried 1.0.2 patched to recognize the device, the
    patched version (sane-1.0.2_coolscan043.tgz) and a cvs checkout version,
    all without success.

    All three seem to be able to communicate with the scanner and they
    position the negative when you press the 'preview' or 'scan' buttons, but
    the scanfiles come out extremely tiny and in preview mode, the preview
    area remains white.

    I've also tried using the -T option to scanimage and it says something
    about an 'unexpected end of file'.

    I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had luck getting any newer
    coolscans to work with any version of SANE.


    On 7 Jul 2000 wrote:

    > Red Hat 6.2, Kernel 2.2.14
    > I have tried several ways to use SANE to scan with the Nikon LS2000,
    > and none of them have worked. I'm looking for some advice as to where
    > to go next. I have never tried this scanner with a windows machine.
    > I tried to FTP the sane backend for the coolscan at
    > but there doesn't appear to be any FTP
    > access.
    > I tried the modified backend at
    > and was actually able
    > to download sane-1.0.2_coolscan043.tgz. This compiled fine, but the
    > preview and scan buttons don't seem to do anything. I tried loading
    > the film both before and after hitting the buttons.
    > I tried vuescan at, and VueScan 5.9t53
    > for Linux. This appears to be more functional than SANE: at least the
    > abort and film eject buttons work fine. I was actually able to get a
    > sort of image from the scan, but it took a really long time, and it
    > did not look very clean. I was not able to save the image or control
    > which image on the negative to scan. This may be because of the trial
    > (unregistered) status of the software.
    > Does anybody out there have an LS2000 working with SANE?
    > Dave
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